Neutrogena ultra sheer dry touch sunblock spf 50+ review

Hey beauties,

The importance of Sunscreen needs no explanation, as a side effect of we all using technology too much, we humans have lost ozone protection and now need protection directly in skin to avoid issues starting from sunburn to all other skin problems. I like tinted lotus sunscreen in regular non summer or less hot days. And Neutrogena spf 50 for summer.

Neutrogena Sunscreen Review

Price: SGD 15$, in India Rs. 350

Quantity: 3.0 FL OZ/88ml

Neutrogena dry block Sunscreen spf 50

Neutrogena dry block Sunscreen spf 50


  • Feels dry and matte
  • Provides great protection
  • Skin doesn’t burn even in very hot day


  • Stings if in contact with eyes
  • It may not stop tanning much if its too hot
Netrogena Suncreen review spf 50

Netrogena Suncreen review spf 50

Other Tips for this product:

  • Its a great product for the price, I have heard only good reviews about it and I personally have benefited a lot form this
  • However this product din’t stop my hands from tanning. I tend to tan faster in hands and feet and only covering with cloth has worked for that concern.

About me repurchasing?: Yes. I always purchase this for summer and this tube has lasted for a whole summer. This is my 3rd tube.