Aroma magic – Lavender oil – Review

Hi girls,

Please Google and try out and see the uses of Lavender essential oil. It has many uses and below are the ones how it worked out for me.

This is not a (just) beauty product according to me. Following are the ways I personally use lavender essential oil:

  • I use few drop in a some water and use that water to rinse hair and body at times.
  • Sometimes in pillow and bed. For relaxed sleep or for avoiding mosquitoes
  • Just add in candle or even traditional oil lamp near the burning area not directly in the fire(Acts as natural fresher I am allergic to canned ones so)
  • In curtains and just few other things random
  • In hair along with

Price:  Rs. 275

Quantity: 15 ml

Aroma magic Lavender oil review

Aroma magic Lavender oil review


  • Can be used for hair, skin and many other
  • Doesn’t break out or irritate skin
  • This list can go on but essential oils is preference


  • I don’t have any minus as of now but as a minus about me reviewing is this is the only lavender oil I have used so I don’t know if other essential oil brand or if anything performs better and has better quality
Aroma magic Lavender oil review

Aroma magic Lavender oil review

Other Tips for this product:

  • Lavender oil is known for its goodness. But its also known for irritating skin when exposed to direct sunlight. Can intensify the damage by sun so skip day time
  • Google to explore the unending list. Some have worked for me some din’t some may work for you. So I am not telling you to use this product like this or that. Just buy if you find its uses fitting your requirement

About me repurchasing?: May be. I have not decided.