Hey beauties,

I am Niranjana, the only author of this blog. I am from Chennai, India. The following are the reason I started to write blogs for

1. I love skin care and makeup, and how instantaneously it has the ability to boost our confidence in our appearance and make us feel good and confident. I equally respect and adore people who are confident without makeup too, I myself like to wear full on makeup only for occasions and on a daily basis I just go with skin care, Kajal, mascara and a tinted lip balm.

2. To give honest opinion of products: I buy most product only after seeing the review, especially high end. For drugstore I sometimes see review and sometimes I do try out few random for various reasons like the color or formulation felt unique.

3. To give back to the beauty community: Gone are the days when product with low quality prospered in market because people kept buying them, I have very few things that I regret buying now compared to few years back. So I wanted to share my opinions.

I am a new blogger, so be kind and also let us benefit from one another and have a better beauty lives.


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