Aroma magic – Beautiful skin oil review


Today am reviewing Beautiful skin oil which should be used similar to serum in skin care routine. If you are keen in not using chemicals and wanting to go natural see the details below and decide if this could be for you.

Price:  Rs. 250/-

Quantity: 15 ml

Aroma magic Beautiful skin oil review

Aroma magic Beautiful skin oil review

Aroma magic Beautiful skin oil review

Aroma magic Beautiful skin oil review, Ingredients and information


  • Skin feels very moisturized when applied
  • Extremely relaxing (I can’t stress that enough)
  • Totally natural ingredients
  • Pure essential oils are in itself known for skin benefits and this is a combination of few which is a added advantage
  • Product makes skin slightly healthier (texture vice not color vice)
  • Doesn’t break out or irritate skin
  • Convenient and hygienic packing


  • Product is oil mixture so makes the outside of bottle little slippery
  • Did not notice any firming or complexion change
  • The bottle gets a bit greasy over time
  • Not travel friendly, it leaked when I traveled (But product doesn’t leak under normal circumstance).

Other Tips for this product:

  • Some essential oils can irritate while exposed to sun, that is the reason they are packed in darker bottles to reduce light penetration trough them. So I too avoid to use it in day time.
  • When applied over night, it makes skin appear healthier. I can see my face more fresh the next day.
  • Smell the product before you buy, do not buy if you dislike the smell.

About me repurchasing?: YES!! YES!! I love the smell of the oil. Its divine 😀

May be it works for me since I like the smell more.

This product for me is a mood lifter. Sometimes, I stop all other skin care that has chemicals like a break and use just this for a week once in a while when I know I will be indoor that time. This can be recommended to people who do not have any skin care routine as of now and can start a night time skin care.


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