AromaMagic – Almond under eye cream review


Today am reviewing Aroma magic’s Almond eye cream, am sorry I do not have the photos. I added this review just for giving you the idea of the product as I have used it.

Price:  Rs. 115

Quantity: 20 g


  • Good product for the price
  • Great for removing left over makeup sometimes even waterproof kajal that stays a little after cleansing comes right off with this cream
  • Doesn’t irritate eyes but am sure it will for some as its super greasy
  • Mild cooling sensation that is soothing (best for IT workers like me)


  • Not very effective for all eye concerns
  • Using this needs time, as you have to keep it on for 20 mins and wipe it off(as per the instructions), if not the skin tends to become extra soft and that make the fine lines become more
  • Careful usage may not be everybody’s cup of tea/coffee 😛
  • May not be best eye-cream for people over 30 having special concerns

Other Tips for this product:

  • The recommended use is to keep the eye cream for 20 mins and wipe if off with water dipped cotton but I prefer wiping with rose water because it worked better.
  • Gentle eye cream for people in 20s who tend to use eyemakeup, can be used as eye-makeup remover as well, dual purpose is always an advantage.
  • May not be the one for all, one of my friend who got this after I recommended was disappointed by this. Overall this is a average performing safe eye cream which can be your first step toward eye area skin-care, and gradually you could go for more potent eye creams.

About me repurchasing?: Defiantly will repurchase, may be not every single time it gets over but will go back to it now and then. I just finished my second tube.


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