Maybelline Hypersharp liner Review


Today am reviewing the ever so famous Maybelline Hypersharp liner Review.

Price: Rs. 375

Quantity: 0.5g

I am happy to say I am reviewing this product after its finished till the last bit and that was repurchased(3ce in a row).

maybelline india hypersharp eyeliner review

maybelline hypersharp eyeliner review


  • Very convenient felt tip which are brush like instead of like in sketch pens.
  • Winged eyeliner is super easy with this
  • Dries really fast
  • It has Glossy finish which is perfect for special occasions
  • Stays on whole day(if not rubbed), When you rub it wears off smoothly which is good according to me cause hence it wont irritate eyes


  • There is no big minus as such except like most felt tips it will last max 3 to 6 months only, however this depends on usage frequency also.
  • Cost can be a minus for some
  • Quantity of product is really less
Maybelline Hypersharp liner Review and swatch

Maybelline Hypersharp liner Review and swatch

Other Tips for this product:

  • Sometimes the tip can dry, that doesn’t mean the product is dried out yet you can add some eye makeup remover to the tip, soak it and wipe off till the product comes out in good quality
  • After the product is over, you can still use the felt tip after cleaning to do the thin lining or winging if you need to.

About me repurchasing?: I still like it but I will not repurchase this for a while as I really want to try other brand felt tip eyeliners next time.

So yes you can achieve a perfect eyeliner look on your upper-lash line with this liner, if it fits your budget and you use eyeliner, do try this out sometime.


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