Products that are always repurchased by me

Hey beauties,

In this post I will be telling you about the products that I always repurchase once its over. Some are the ones we buy in medical shops, however meant for skin benefits or problems.

I have normal skin which gets slightly combination to oily when I use rich creams and dry when I don’t apply any. A light cream may dry if the weather is cold. I guess you get the idea.

  1. Coconut oil – Not just for hair but also for skin (I use when I run out of makeup removers or for removing long wearing makeup products. I also use it as a moisturizer sometimes in winter and it does wonders

    Coconut oil

    Coconut oil

  2. Vaseline – Again Vaseline is pretty underused in my opinion, people buy petroleum jelly based lip balms giving 10 times the money instead of getting the basic one. And all the expensive one offers is a good smell and flavor which actually adds no benefit and in-fact harmful in long run



  3. Nivea the basic cream – I always have this too just because my dermatologist recommended me to use this on dry areas and said this is a safe non harmful moisturizing cream. I use this  also as foot cream and hand cream. Again I forget to use it daily but the result is good when I use it daily IMG_0256
  4. Boroline – This is a very old cream from our own country which is again not well used by us(Including me). However this works amazing on extreme dry lip. Massaging a small amount in lip heals it completely and the next day its awesome for any lip look you choose.



  5. Vicco turmeric (Nahi cosmetic :P) This is good for combination and oily skin you guys and controls acne. My skin is not acne prone and I don’t use this often. I have seen oily skin people use it and benefited lots from this cream.
    Vicco Turmeric cream

    Vicco Turmeric cream

    Vicco Turmeric cream

    Vicco Turmeric cream

  6. Calamine based lotion – I switch between few calamine lotions available but I always have one, you can use when you develop any kind of rash due to environment, pollution or basically any skin irritation on minor level

The above are the utility based important products for your skin.

For hair if you want to go on budget use egg in hair and steam it if you have a steamer else put a towel in hot water squeeze it a little and wrap it on your hair with egg. As it is quite tiring I do it only when my hair feels really bad else I just use olive oil over night.

If your in India the above products will help you a lot one time or the other and they are not super expensive. Do try out the one which you think will help you most and reply in the comment section below.




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