Beauty Reviews in blogs – My opinion

Hey beautifullies,

Hope life is good with all of you. I just felt like sharing what I felt about makeup and skin care review blogs (not anyone in particular).

If you are a person who does enough research on the internet before spending your money on a skin care product or makeup product you would have known(by now anyhow). Some blogs and even Vlogs are being sponsored by the company these days as a mode of marketing. The purpose of review is to give out your honest opinion about it, some bloggers just do it for the . Even the negatives should be thrown light on. When people trust you it becomes kind of an etiquette to keep up with it.

On the other hand its awesome how other set of bloggers respect our trust and give us their honest opinion. I always look for more than one reviews if I am investing a little more money. For low cost items I just explore and I repurchase if I like it.

I am new as of now in writing blogs. And you can expect reviews of the skin care and makeup I buy. But my review will not be as soon as I buy it when it comes to skin care, as I have come to know that skin care takes at-least 3-4 weeks to actually act and benefit us and for us to see some difference. So my reviews on skin care will be when I am finishing the product or when I have seen the difference(or which ever comes first :P)

I am always keen on products other people go back to often. Please share the products you have used for ages and gained your trust. Click here to see the products that comes back without fail in my shelf as soon as its over.

Take care Beauties.




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