Basic Skin care – Must knows!!

Hi beautiful people,

The internet offers loads of information which can be confusing and sound demanding to invest a huge amount in skincare and makeup. We do not need to spend more to get a good skin is the undeniable truth.

I am going to give you an idea of how you can plan and care at different budgets. I am not going to specifically name any product. This blog is just to guide you for smarter purchase suitable to your budget.

As you all might have already known(I presume) the basic steps for skin care is to Cleanse, tone and moisturize(CTM regime) twice a day and to use sunscreen when you are exposed to sunlight.

The cheapest available Products that will suit all skin types are:

  • Face wash or soap – A gentle soap which says ph balance is a good option
  • Toner – Normal food grade rose water is best although affordable
  • Moisturize – Coconut oil(Or any natural oil in thin consistency) is good for dry skin, oily skin can go for Aleo Vera gel

The industry offers many products in different price ranges. Choose one that suits your budget.The above will not cost you more than few hundreds a month.

If you are someone who can spend few more hundreds or in thousands you can extend a little more on products but do not overload your skin with too many products.

So few more steps that can be added for more beautiful skin is Serum(Between the toner and moisturizer), serums are generally expensive but you can choose wisely which could be your best fit and buy. Since they are usually very rich you only need few drops hence it will last longer.

  • If your age is below 18 – CTM regime is good enough, prefer to use natural ingredient products
  • Age 18 to 24 – There is no need for you to use any serum how ever you can start using a good eye-cream with basic protection and moisturizing property.
  • If your age is 25 – 28 – You can start using a protecting serum, do not go for serums that are meant for anti aging. See for terms like hydrating, balanced, glowing and brightening in products claims.
  •  Above 28 – This is a period when your skin starts to age, for some its fast and for others aging starts to show only in mid thirties. To best understand where you might be have a look at your parents photographs at your age.

Broad classification of skin type:

  • Dry
  • Combination
  • Oily

Dry skin people must use a very gentle cleanser preferably milk based. Cleanser can be cream based than a foaming one. The toner they use should be hydrating and balancing. Rose, cucumber based are good common options and Alcohol is a big No. So do check the ingredients. Moisturize should be in cream form and thicker consistency for prolonged result.

Combination skin people must user a mild lathering face wash. This skin type is quite tricky to live with because of limited products in market for this particular skin. You can even use two different face wash in different areas of skin, it does work if chosen correctly. Toner should not have oil in it. It needs to only balance the skin Ph. To moisturize use a product in a very runny thin(Lotion like) consistency

Oily skinned people should use a product that lathers a lot. Foaming oil removing face wash followed by toners based on lemon, tea tree is ideal. You must be super careful while choosing moisturizer cause even oily skin needs 3rd step care but use products that helps to mattify which are gel and water based.

Exfoliating is a must for once in a week. Again choose according to your skin type. Gel based exfoliaters are best for oily where as granular mildly coarse ones are good for dry skins.

Remember to spend wisely and let me know what your current makeup skin care routines is and how it works for you.


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